Jalapeño License Keyfinder

(version 3.0 released February 2012!)

The internationally acclaimed Jalapeno License Key Finder is THE product key finder for revealing almost any Windows license key, and so much more. In fact it is the best free key finder for almost 200 software products, including your Microsoft Office 2007 serial number, Windows XP serial number, Windows Vista serial number and almost any other Windows license key.

If you need something more powerful, please compare Jalapeno Keyfinder with wonderful tool called "Recover Keys". This advanced product key finder is not free, however it doesn't cost much for what it does.

Features Jalapeno Keyfinder Recover Keys
Number of supported programs 200 9000+
Scan another or non-bootable Windows
Works with 64-bit systems
Recover serials for Adobe CS2-CS6 products
Recover serials for Windows 7, 8 & Office 2010
Scan remote computers
Scan files for product keys
Portable USB version
Technical support
Save to… TXT TXT, CSV, HTML, DOC, XLS, XML, PDF & more
Price Free From $29.95
Download Download Download

Jalapeno KeyFinder has now evolved from a humble Visual Basic script into a robust and secure Microsoft .NET application. And as such it now works on ALL versions of Windows, both Workstation and Server, and on both 32-Bit and 64-Bit versions. And because we've built License Keyfinder 3.0 on Microsoft's flagship .NET framework, it will even work on future operating systems from Microsoft. So for less that 10 bucks you can have a utility that will serve you faithfully forever!

To maintain our 3-clicks-and-you-done ease of installation policy, when Keyfinder is installing it will check your system to see if you have the .NET framework installed, and if not, it will quietly install that technology in the background for you too. How cool is that!

This is a must have utility for anyone who needs to retrieve a software license key, and is simply the best license key finder available. Jalapeno Software has been a leader in the Key Finder game for over 5 years now, and it shows in our sophisticated but easy to use software, like the Jalapeno Key Finder.

Jalapeno keyfinder screenshot